Life Group Insurance

Group Life Benefit is a life insurance cover offered to a group of people. It is usually provided by an employer to its employees (as an Employee Benefit) or taken by groups of people with common interests (affinity groups).

Benefits of group life cover to the employer:

The company can attract and retain high-quality employees;
The employer can assist the employee’s family, at their most vulnerable time;
It covers the employee, on duty or holiday, while the company employs them;
It provides a 24/7 cover against death and disability resulting from accidents and illness;

Benefits of group life cover for employees:

Premiums paid on an employee’s behalf by the employer are not treated as taxable benefits;
The cover provides peace of mind and comfort;
The family’s financial future is secured as the benefits are paid in case of death or total disability of the employee.
Additional Benefits offered: Critical Illness, Accidental death.
Free Benefits: Funeral, one month salary paid to the Employer
It offers 1x to 5x annual Salary benefit

Requirements to Quote

Name of the company;
Business Activity
Individual data (Employee name/Code; Date of Birth; Gender and Monthly Salary)


Set of gods and rights that are part of the assets of a company and that can be insured.

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