Household Goods

What does Household Goods insurance cover?

Loss or damage of all content in the insured’s property (home contents), or for which the insured is responsible caused by fire, storm, wind, floods, water, hail, theft or any attempt other than if the premises is sub-let or if the premises are left unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days or 60 days in one calendar year, theft from any outbuilding if there are visible signs of forcible and violent entry, malicious damage following a break-in and impact by any vehicle or fallen trees (expect whilst contractors are engaged in felling or trimming any trees).

This coverage includes:

Damage to home contents insured caused by fire and related hazards;
Damage to the home contents insured caused by storm, wind, floods, water, hail;
Damage to the home contents insured caused by bursting or overflow of water tanks, appliances or pipes but excluding loss or damage caused thereto;
Theft of home contents (subject to forced entry and exit);
Loss or damage of equipment and machinery for swimming pools and boreholes at home as a result of electrical or mechanical breakdown or damage described above - Up to 7,500.00 MZN per claim but, excluding loss or damage caused by gradual deterioration or rust as well as any automatic swimming pool cleaning equipment or windmills.

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