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What does Life Insurance cover?

Is an Individual Life Insurance that covers you in the event of your death, total or permanent disability.
It protects your family when you are no longer present.

Por que o Life Insurance?


Death compensation: In the event of your death, the insurance will compensate the nominated beneficiary the guaranteed sum insured subject to a waiting period of 18 months.
Permanent Disability benefit: enables you to access 100% of the guaranteed sum insured in the event of a disability.

Cash Back - Reimbursement

After three (3) years from the start date of the policy, you will receive half of the first year premium as a cash back payment.

This payment will only apply if:
1) The policy is still active
2) Premiums for the three 
3) Years period have been received when due.

Por que o Life Insurance?


Be between the age of 18 and 59 years old;
Have a bank account;
Valid identification document.

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