Life insurance to cover your loved ones

Life Group Insurance

Group Life Benefit is a life insurance cover offered to a group of people. It is usually provided by an employer to its employees (as an Employee Benefit) or taken by groups of people with common interests (affinity groups).

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Group Funeral Benefit

Group Funeral Benefit is a life insurance cover offered to companies as an employee benefit or other affinity groups. This plan makes it possible for large and smaller businesses to provide risk cover to their employees and meet the expectation that they will assist remaining family members with the costs of an employee’s funeral.

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Other insurance covers

Group Credit Life Scheme
Credit Life Cover is available to Employers on a Group Scheme basis to cover the outstanding liability of staff loans in the event of death or disability of an Employee. A Group Credit Life scheme is a stand-alone scheme.
Pension Funds
Global Alliance is a registered Pension Fund administrator of Open and Closed Pension Funds in Mozambique. The Global Alliance Open (Umbrella) Fund is the first registered Open Fund in Mozambique. Global Alliance currently has over 5000 individual members under administration, representing over 15 established employers and manages approximately 4 billion meticais of pension fund assets.
Group Permanent Total Disability Benefit
One of the main concerns that everyone faces is the permanent disability of the bread winner of the family, whether by accident or sickness. The impact of that disability on the family and the disabled person can be catastrophic. The Permanent Disability Benefit gives the employee and his family financial peace of mind in the event of total and permanent disability. Group Disability is not a stand-alone benefit and must be added to a Group Life policy as a rider benefit.
Group Dread Disease & Critical Illness Benefit
The Global Alliance Critical Condition benefit offers the perfect asset protection and living benefit solution, enabling employees to decide how to spend the money they have on the costs that means the most to them. For cover to exist under this benefit the employee does not need to be disabled or terminally ill. Other critical illnesses as listed in the policy wording can occur that could trigger additional benefit payments during the period of employment. Group Critical Condition is not a stand-alone benefit and must be added to a Group Life policy as a rider benefit.

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