This coverage is for vehicles with foreign registration, covers losses or damages caused to third parties by the insured vehicle.

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In Mozambique third party liability insurance is required by law meaning that all foreign vehicles visiting the country are required to subscribe an insurance with a Mozambican insurer. The insurance policy must be valid for 30 days from the date of entry in Mozambique. In this way, local authorities ensure that in the event of an accident there is an insurance company registered in Mozambique that assumes any third party liability on behalf of the insured.

How to proceed in the event of a Claim?

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Claims Procedure


Approached by a Third Party who is claiming for damages to his vehicle/property

Provide such information of as may be legally required, i.e. insurance details, driver’s license and vehicle papers.
Always report the accident to the Police.
Upon an approach by a Third Party, the following is required:


Compensation claim

Letter of demand from the Third Party addressed to the Insured. The following information must be contained therein:
a) Full contact details of the third party, including but not limited to; full name, address, telephone number and email contact.
b) The Subject matter of the letter must contain our Insured´s name/company info, the insured´s vehicle registration number and the date of the accident.
c) A description and sketch of the accident, the place of the accident, and a conclusion as to the reason for the Third Party holding our insured liable for the damages.


Document requirements

The Third Party is to provide a copy of his vehicle papers e.g. license vehicle and Ownership.
The driver at the time of the accident, driver´s license.
Copy of the Third Party Insurance certificate
Two quotations for the repair of the Third Party vehicle



The Third Party may submit this directly to Us- If the Third Party is submitting the documentation to Us ensure you have provided the claim ref to the Third Party, and if the Insured is submitting the documentation, ensure that the claim ref no is quoted on the correspondence.
Upon receipt of the above by the Insured, this must be submitted to us immediately.
It is imperative that we be advised of any legal action immediately so as to enable us to action.


Reference number

Should a claim be submitted and a claim ref number not received within 24 hours please re-send an inquiry to ensure we are in receipt of the notification thereof and that you are provided with a claim ref number.
When the claim reference is provided, the person dealing with the claim within the claims department will confirm the next step in the process of the claim.



Please ensure that the claim form is completed in full, signed, and dated/stamped.
If all documentation is provided, failure may result in a delay in the processing of the claim.

For any additional information or complaints contact our regulator


The Institute of Insurance Supervision of Mozambique (known as ISSM) is the entity that regulates supervisors and inspects the activity of insurance, reinsurance, pension fund, and its respective management entities and of insurance intermediaries (brokers/Agents/Promoters), activities in the Republic of Mozambique.

You can contact the institution through the following addresses:

Av. 24 de Julho n º 1097 2º Andar Esq. Edifício Shopping 24 – Maputo

+258 21 32 08 92
+258 21 40 86 38
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