What is Bancassurance?

Global Alliance have invested in partnerships with Bancassurance, offering flexibility and comfort for clients belonging to the bank so that they can attend to their insurance solutions at their own bank branch. Together with the bank we materialized the concept of “One Stop Shop”, where we prevented the necessity of the client to go to the insurer; instead they can obtain insurance solutions at the bank.
The Bancassurance of Global Alliance also has numerous platforms to support the bank, such as: products, marketing operations, sales and training.
Protection of Credit Benefits
Obtain cover for your financial obligations and get the benefit of having tranquility and inner peace.
Corporate Insurance
Corporate insurance coverage is also available at the bank, which is short-term insurance embedded to the customer’s bank account.
Protection of mortgage loan
Obtain cover for your mortgage loan in case of death and permanent disability.
Multirisks- Service and Industry
This product is specifically developed to suit the insurance requirements of commercial and industrial companies. We will assist the proposer in obtaining a quotation for insurance coverage best suit the insurance needs and requirements of their business.
Homeowners cover
Insurance coverage is available that protects your private residence (building) as well as the household contents.
Car Insurance
Insurance for your vehicle, with a reliable brand.
Workmen's Compensation Cover
This is compulsory insurance which is a regulation passed by the Local Authority. We insure the legal benefits in case of accidents at work that affects any employee, including cases of temporary or permanent disability or in case of death.

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