Non-Life Insurance

Workmen's Compensation

Protects the worker from source injuries accidental, guaranteeing pensions and compensation for work accidents and illnesses professionals. Also covers liability for all legal charges levied on medical care, medication or hospital due to work-related accidents.

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Damage to the whole or part of the property described in the schedule, owned by the insured or for which they are responsible, including alterations by the insured as tenants to the buildings and structures, by: Fire | Lightning or thunderbolt | Explosion | Such additional perils as are stated in the schedule to be included.

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Goods In Transit

Coverage for the Insured in cases of loss or damage to goods belonging to the Insured or under their responsibility described in the Policy, during transit through the means of transport or other associated causes.

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Plant All Risks

Coverage against material damage to machinery such as agricultural or construction equipment, as a result of a claim external to the machinery, such as: fire, maneuver errors and malpractice, shock, collision, overturning, falling into ditches, storms and flooding, whether in operation or change of position within the risk location.

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Other insurance covers

Machinery Breakdown
Provides coverage for the loss or damage of machines used by factories and industries including repair or replacement of the machine.
Group Personal Accident (Blanket Basis)
It covers the company's partners and partners in cases of violent, external and visible bodily injury caused by accidental means.
Accidental Damage
It offers financial protection in case of accidental physical loss or damage to the insured property or belongings, when these occur by events not covered by the normal hazards of fire, flood, theft, etc..
Section I – Construction “All Risks”
It offers financial protection to the insured in case of unexpected, permanent or temporary physical loss or damage in all contracted works. All assets or equipment which are the responsibility of the insured are covered by this policy, including during the period in which they are in transit.
Business Interruption
Ensures the continuity of your business/company in cases of interruption or interference in the activity during the period in which it is covered by insurance.
It covers the loss or damage caused to internal and external glass on the property of the insured or for which he is responsible. The coverage is extended for mirror breakage and signage at the facilities described in the policy.
Stated Benefits Cover
Bodily injury caused by accidental, violent, external and visible means to any principal, partner, director or employee of the insured.
Motor - Comprehensive
It covers damage to your car for causes other than a collision. The coverage of this insurance extends to the towing costs of the vehicle in case of breakdown and the cost of repair.
Motor - Third Party, Fire and Theft
Covers the personal liabilities of the directors and officers of a company that result from wrongful acts committed or allegedly committed while acting in their capacity as Directors and Officers of the company.
Business All Risks
It covers the loss or damage of all or part of the portable ownership of your business anywhere in the world.
It It offers coverage within the national territory against the loss of own money and money for which the insured person is responsible.
Employers Liability
It protects the worker from costs arising from injuries, illnesses, death that occurred in the performance of his work.
Public Liability
It covers the legal costs arising from bodily and material damage caused by the insured's company to third parties, including the company's workers, customers and suppliers.
Marine Cargo open cover
It covers the total or partial loss of insured goods when transported by sea.
Stated Benefits (Named Basis)
It covers the company's partners and partners in cases of violent, external and visible bodily injury caused by accidental means.
Accounts Receivable
It covers damages for accidental loss of accounting books that prevent the insured from tracking the money owed to his company, provided that this loss occurs at the home of directors, partners, accountants, employees or at the company's premises.
Section II - Contractors Liability
It covers material and bodily damage and loss caused to third parties resulting directly from the insured's works.
This policy is extended to cover pollution and/or contamination caused unexpectedly by the action of the insured.
Electronic Equipment
Covers loss or damage to your electrical equipment such as computers, cell phones, etc.
Electronic Equipment
Physical loss of or damage to the equipment described in the schedule from any cause not hereinafter excluded whilst contained anywhere within the insured’s premises as specified.
Office Contents
Covers loss or damage to your property or business equipment. Such coverage extends, unless otherwise assured, the property of any insured partner, director or employee.
Motor - Third Party Only
Covers accidental damage caused by the insured by means of his vehicle to third parties through his insured vehicle.
Motor Third party and occupants
Covers accidental damage caused to third parties through the insured vehicle including physical damage caused to the occupants of the insured vehicle.
Fidelity Guarantee (Blanket Basis)
It covers financial loss and damage suffered as a result of any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by its employees.
Fidelity Guarantee (Named/Position basis)
It covers financial loss and damage suffered as a result of any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by its employees.
It offers coverage in case of theft through forced entry into your residence.
Assets All risk
Covers accidental losses or damages for various causes, on the property or property of the Insured extending to electrical failures; machine breaks; explosion of boilers, etc.

Special Covers

Special Cover (1)
It covers damages or losses arising from negligence, omission and business errors committed by the administrators in the performance of their duties.
Special Cover (3)
It covers the repayment of capital and all interest payments associated with bondholders in case of default.
Special Cover (5)
It covers direct financial losses and damages caused to an institution arising from forgery, cyber fraud, physical loss or alteration of ownership, and employee dishonesty.
Special Cover (7)
Covers the damage and losses associated with the lifting and deployment of electrical or mechanical installations and machinery in factories and industries.
Special Cover (2)
It covers losses and damage to itself or to third parties caused by a small marine hull. They may be covered against all risks or only against third parties.
Special Cover (4)
It covers various losses and damages resulting from aviation risk.
Special Cover (6)
It covers the directors and officers of a company if they are processed by employees, customers, suppliers or others.
Special Cover (8)
It covers damages and losses to the property and its contents taking into account the risk of the material used for the coverage of the house.

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