Motor Accident

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Report Claim

On the happening of any event which may result in a claim under this policy the Insured shall:

Own Damage

Report to the Police all accidents which occur on a public road and all claims involving theft or Hi-jack.

Report the claim to the Company as soon as practicable but not later than 8 days from the date of the claim.

Complete the claim form (attached) in full leave no question unanswered. Should a question not be relevant kindly so indicate as not applicable at the relevant question/section.
The claim form must be signed and dated by the client and the driver, and if company vehicle,
contain the company stamp.

Provide on the claim form, the full details of the third party, i.e. vehicle registration number, name of the driver at the time of the accident and owner of the vehicle as would be noted on the Third Party vehicle Titulo, including telephone, email address and Insurance information and all information which may be deemed relevant.

Third-Party Motor Insurance is compulsory and therefore the Third Party is obliged to provide this information upon the happening of an accident.

On receipt of any Third Party approach, Letter of Demand, Write or Summons or any Legal advice, notify us immediately.
Email or correspondence should read SUMMONS OR LEGAL followed by our claim ref and

Provide us with legible copies of the vehicle papers e.g. Livrete and Titulo as well as the driver who
was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident driver’s license.

Submit two quotations for the repair to the vehicle

Submit the claim form and all substantiating documentation to the Company within 30 days from the date of the claim.

Should a claim be submitted and a claim ref number not received within 48 hours please re-direct an enquiry to the handling clerk, to ensure that you are provided with a claim ref number.

Third-Party claims against the insured

Approached by a Third Party who is claiming for damages to his vehicle/property:

Do not accept liability, only provide such information of as may be legally required, i.e. insurance details, driver's license and vehicle documents.

Always report the accident to the Police.

Upon an approach by a Third Party, the following is required:

Letter of demand from the Third Party addressed to the Insured

The following information must be contained therein:
a) Full contact details of the third party, including but not limited to; full name, address, telephone number and email contact.
b) The Subject matter of the letter must contain our Insured´s name/company info, the insured´s vehicle registration number and the date of the accident.
c) A description and sketch of the accident, the place of the accident, and a conclusion as to the reason for the Third Party holding our insured liable for the damages.

The Third Party to provide a copy of his vehicle papers e.g. Livrete and Titulo
The driver at the time of the accident, driver's license.
Copy of the Third Party Insurance certificate
Two quotations for the repair of the Third Party vehicle

The Third Party may submit this directly to Us- If the Third Party is submitting the documentation to Us ensure you have provided the claim ref to the Third Party, and if the Insured is submitting the documentation, ensure that the claim ref no is quoted on the correspondence.

Upon receipt of the above by the Insured, this must be submitted to us immediately.

Should a claim be submitted and a claim ref number not received within 24 hours please re-send an enquiry to ensure we are in receipt of the notification thereof and that you are provided with a claim ref number.

When the claim reference is provided, the person dealing with the claim within the claims department will confirm the next step in the process of the claim.

Please ensure that the claim form is completed in full, signed and dated/stamped.

That all documentation is provided, failure may result in a delay in processing of the claim.

Upon notice, all participation paperwork should be emailed to the following email address
Forms required to submit the claim can be found below:
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