Fire and Allied Perils Cover

The insurance covers the building and its contents, from damages directly caused by fire, lightning and explosions - even if they are not accompanied by fire - as well as by earthquakes, storms, floods, vehicle collisions, aircraft and animals, fallen trees, intentional damage and other insured hazards.

Damage caused by heat, smoke, vapour or explosion resulting from the fire, the means used to combat, removals or destruction carried out by order of the relevant authority or for the purpose of salvage shall also be covered by this insurance.
In relation to the contents of the building, the value of the replacement of the goods.
The insurance proposal should therefore include the identification of the goods to be insured and their value. The rarest or most valuable goods must be specifically identified with photographs.


Fire cover, lightning, explosion, storm, wind, water, hail, impact of animals, trees, antennas, satellite dishes or vehicles.

Artigos segurados:

Buildings | Merchandise | Contents | Equipment | Fixtures & Fittings / Miscellaneous items


Evaluation report / Detailed description of the items to be insured
Capital to be assured (Sum insured).
Risks Associated with installations.
Measures of On-site security.

Horizontal Property

A building is a horizontal property, when it is divided into autonomous units, registered separately, as floors, apartments and garages.

Insurance Proposal

Document in which the policy-holder expresses the whish to enter into the insurance contract and refers to the risk that he or she intends to insure against.

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