What does Houseowners cover?

The insurance covers loss or damage to private residences, including garages, outbuildings, tennis courts, swimming pools, wells (including pumps and motors), saunas, walls and fences, gates, patios, gas pipes, sewage pipes and electricity and telephones lines, installations and equipment.

Por que o Houseowners?

This coverage includes:

Damage to insured residence caused by fire and related hazards;
Damage caused by storm, wind, floods, water and hail;
Damage caused by the impact of animals, vehicles (or objects in vehicles), fallen trees (excluding trimming of trees by a contractor), aircraft or aerial devices dropped therefrom but excluding loss or damage caused by sonic shock waves;
Accidental breakage of glass attached to windows, doors, skylights and balconies;
Accidental breakage of basins, pedestals, sinks, splash guards and water cisterns but excluding any loss or damage arising from chipping, scratching, discolouration or any other disfiguration;
Accidental damage to public water, sewage, electricity and telephone line;
Accidental damage resulting from oil spills or gas leaks from heating.

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